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Coffins and Caskets

Most wooden coffins and caskets are ordered in and assembled on the premises.  The more expensive options are ordered in on an as-requested basis.
Please also see the Resources Page for links to Minter, LifeArt and Serendipity for more inspiration and green options.

Floral Displays

Some of these may vary in price depending on whether the flowers are currently in season or not.
Waratahs are usually only available October/November.

Coffin Hardware

The handles, nameplates, other decorations, lining are chosen to suit your requirements.  Plastic (suitable fore cremation) or metal, in a large range of styles.  More images available through the Minter website (see Resources page).

Urns and Keepsakes

Due to the very large number of options available, it is not possible to keep all items in stock.  Choices range in urns, keepsake (mini) urns, biodegradable boxes (sand/gelatin; cardboard) suitable for scattering ashes at sea without the issues of wind direction; scattering tubes, jewellery and mantel ornaments in which a few grains may be kept.

Other items