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Arranging A Funeral

In an ideal world, we would all feel free to discuss what we would like for our funeral with our family and friends.  Planning arrangements or making wishes known prior to death is an option available, even if it is simply writing them down.  Burial or Cremation, Church or Civil, Graveside or Chapel, Funeral or Memorial, Formal or Informal, When Where, How big?  These are all questions that are faced when a loved one dies.  Then come the questions of who will be involved.  Funeral Directors, Celebrants and Ministers are all usually available at any stage, before or after death, to discuss these issues.

Death Registration Form to Complete

Each State and Territory has mandatory information required to register a death, including details of all marriages and all children. If you need to, ask for the form in advance, by email, so you have the relevant information to hand when you visit for funeral arrangements.  You can even ask for it while your loved one is still around to answer the questions about historical information, including parents names and occupations. That way, you will have time to consider the requirements and find the correct spelling and information from other formal documents in your safekeeping, such as wills, birth and marriage certificates.

Staff at Allens can then double-check to ensure that the information is correct and complete. This will ensure that the Registration at Births Deaths & Marriages is as correct as possible to minimise legal issues with differences in name spellings, incorrect or omitted details, etc.